Apply for a Grant :: FAQ

What is your funding cycle?
The foundation awards grants twice each year, usually in May or June and November.

How do I request funding from the foundation?
Please review our program priorities on the Application Information page. If you believe your project or program qualifies,  please begin by submitting a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) through our online application system. Instructions for using the system can be found here.

What should be included in the LOI?
The LOI Application must include the amount requested, a description of your organization, a description of the project, and a project budget. The budget should include both projected income and expenses.

Do you accept LOIs and full proposals electronically?
Yes, all LOIs and proposals, if requested by the foundation, must be submitted through our online application system.

If our project qualifies under your program priorities, does that mean it is likely we will receive a grant?
No, not necessarily, we get many requests each year that fall within our program priorities. We are unable to fund all requests that we receive.

What happens after we submit an LOI?
All LOIs are reviewed by program staff. After review, we may contact you for further information, and you may be asked to submit a full proposal to the foundation.

Do you have a deadline to submit requests?
The deadline for accepting LOIs for each round of funding will be posted soon after the completion of the previous round of funding.